Toshiba just can’t seem to catch a break. In a recent report from Digitimes, its sources within the channel reveal that Toshiba has suffered a massive ransomware attack on its network, forcing the company to shut down its NAND memory production for 3-6 weeks.

According to the article, Toshiba has already resumed NAND production however, the damage has already been done. Toshiba’s NAND production has already been cut by nearly 100,000 wafers. NAND prices were previously expected to drop in the 4Q2017 as supply and demand reach equilibrium however, the latest revelation may delay this until next year.

While much of this is fairly bad news for those waiting for prices of NAND flash based products such as SSDs and memory cards to drop, there is still a silver lining. Digitimes sources have revealed that demand for NAND flash has not been as strong as expected, so at least prices won’t continue to increase as it has been since the NAND supply shortage began in the 2H2016.


Source: Digitimes