According to a recent announcement, Synology is discounting their RT2600ac and RT1900ac routers for a limited time.

The Synology RT2600ac and RT1900ac are excellent routers that feature Synology’s SRM (Synology Router Manager) software providing it with one of the most easy to use yet advanced featuresets on the market. Utilizing Synology’s add-on software packages, the functionality of the routers can be expanded beyond that of a typical home or small business router.

Discounted pricing on the Synology RT2600ac and RT1900ac is now available at Amazon, Newegg, and B&H.

RT2600ac $239.99 to $209.99
RT1900ac $149.99 to $122.98

RT2600ac $239.99 to $209.99
RT1900ac $199.99 to $122.98

RT2600ac $239.99 to $209.99
RT1900ac $152.98 to $122.98