Some companies take advantage of rival companies doing dumb things like lowering warranty periods, but Seagate is one company that has managed to do the complete opposite. Instead of laying out a press campaign to let everyone know they still stand behind their products 100%, Seagate has decided to lower warranties on some of their drives to 1 year!┬áConsidering some drives originally had 5 year warranties, that’s a 4 year drop!

Effective December 31, 2011, Seagate will be changing its warranty policy from a 5 year to a 3 year warranty period for Nearline drives, 5 years to 1 year for certain Desktop and Notebook Bare Drives, 5 years to 3 years on Barracuda XT and Momentus XT, and from as much as 5 years to 2 years on Consumer Electronics.

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Source: The Register