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Samsung and Google Sign 10-Year Global Patent License Agreement

Samsung and Google Sign 10-Year Global Patent License Agreement

Tom LiJanuary 27, 2014


According to a recent press release, Samsung and Google have recently signed a Global Patent License Agreement allowing the two tech giants access to each other’s patent portfolios, enabling a deeper level of collaboration between the two. The agreement covers both existing patents and future ones filed in the next 10 years.

“This agreement with Google is highly significant for the technology industry,” said Dr. Seungho Ahn, the Head of Samsung’s Intellectual Property Center. “Samsung and Google are showing the rest of the industry that there is more to gain from cooperating than engaging in unnecessary patent disputes.”

Specifics on the technologies (or licensing fees) covered under the agreement were not been mentioned in the press release although the agreement most likely covers various mobile device and Android OS patents. Legally, it puts both companies (especially Samsung) at a stronger position against patent disputes by competitors such as Apple and Microsoft, and at least for the next 10 years, it also practically guarantees that Samsung will continue development of devices in Google’s Android ecosystem. A win, win for both companies. 

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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