At a recent event in New York, Samsung recently updated their datacenter SSD lineup with four new models including the Samsung 860 DCT, Samsung 883 DCT, Samsung 983 DCT, and Samsung 983 ZET.

In their DCT based SSD lineup, Samsung will launch three SSDs, the 860 DCT, 883 DCT and 983 DCT.

At the entry level, the Samsung 860 DCT is Samsung’s offering for read-heavy applications. The drive features capacities up to 4TB, 0.2 DWPD (Drive Writes Per Day) endurance and utilizes Samsung’s 3-bit MLC V-NAND process. According to Samsung, the Samsung 860 DCT is well suited for applications such as streaming servers, content delivery networks (CDNs), web servers, and entry level servers where reads are in excess of 85% of the workload.


In the middle of the DCT range is Samsung’s 883 DCT. The Samsung 883 DCT features capacities up to 4TB and is designed for servers with mixed read/write workloads. The Samsung 883 DCT also features full end to end power loss protection and end to end dataprotection as well, which makes it a better option for those looking for a more secure option than the Samsung 860 DCT. Samsung believes these drives are well suited for cloud datacenters, file/web servers, and streaming servers with mixed reads/write workloads. Endurance on the Samsung 883 DCT is rated at 0.8 DWPD.

At the high end is the Samsung 983 DCT, which is Samsung’s offering for those who need NVMe level performance. Utilizing PCIe Gen 3 x4, the Samsung 983 DCT features performance up to 3,000/1,900 MB/s sequential reads/writes and 540K/50K IOPS random reads/writes. Samsung believes these drives are well suited for NVMe over Fibre applications, high performance DBMS applications, No SQL, OLTP, MS SQL, Hyperscale, and HPC workloads where high responsiveness and high QoS is essential. Endurance on the Samsung 983 DCT is rated at up to 0.8 DWPD.

The most impressive drive Samsung is launching is the Samsung 983 DCT. This is Samsung’s highest performance datacenter drive based on their Z-NAND technology, which as Samsung has explained during the event as a marketing name for a specialized version of Samsung’s SLC 3D V-NAND which has been tweaked for lowest latency and maximum performance.

The Samsung 983 ZET is designed for applications where the lowest latency and highest performance is required such as databases, caching, machine learning, IoT, etc. the Samsung 983 ZET features up to 10 DWPD for the 960GB capacity drive and 8.5 DWPD for the 480GB drive.