Was anyone waiting for the “World’s First True 7.1 Gaming Headset”? Because, if you were, you’re about to get hit with a load of disappointment. Oh, what’s that? You’ve already been hit with a load of disappointment? Oh… haha… well… haha… you know… Ha ha…

Seems like Razer was again overly optimistic about the release date of their new Tiamat headset and while it was already delayed last month, it looks like Razer is going to do it again. The reason? “We feel our relentless pursuit of quality, and our refusal to ship a “good enough” product will pay off when you plug in your pair and hear them for the first time. We do not take delays lightly, and you can bet your ass we are busting ours to make this product perfect.” That sounds a bit like what Blizzard might say. Maybe Razer is learning the ways of Blizzard. I mean, you can’t deny that Blizzard has shown us time and time again that third time’s the charm when it comes to release dates, right?

Anyway, the Razer Tiamat is expected to ship in February on a date is currently unknown at this time.

So when is it coming? We will ship this product in February, just as soon as it rolls out of the factory. The moment it comes to our RazerStore warehouses we will flick the switch and give you the “Add to cart button.” So check back onwww.razerzone.com/tiamat. We promise it’ll be there soon.

Of course, everyone knows you can’t just delay something this exciting twice in a row without giving us some sort of compensation, right? So, how about this? Razer is going to give all those who add their names to the “Notify Me” list a coupon code good for $40 worth of top of the line Razer swag along with the promise for free shipping for the Tiamat when it arrives. Yeah, really high quality stuff here. We’re talking a t-shirt and flask that’s worth $40! I’m excited, are you?

Source: Razer