Phison today launched their new Phison PS8313 UFS 2.1 controller at FMS 2017.

Designed for top tier mobile chipsets and smartphones, the Phison PS8313 integrates their CoXProcessor 2.0 architecture currently used on Phison’s PCIe controllers for improved performance and reliability in the UFS standard. The PS8313 controller also features use of an advanced 28nm manufacturing process, a 2-lane UFS interface, an ultra compact and low power LDPC ECC engine and support for the latest 3D TLC NAND.

According to Phison’s internal testing, the PS8313 is capable of up to 920/550 MB/s sequential reads/writes and 67K/62K IOPS 4K random read performance when paired with current generation 3D TLC NAND.┬áThe Phison PS8313 supports up to a maximum of 8 NAND dies and can enable up to 256GB of NAND in numerous form factors including UFS card, BGA and uMCP.

No information on pricing, availability or design wins are available at this time.