I always love it when companies decide to one up themselves. It really shows how much confidence a company has in their products and I for one am very impressed. According to a recent EVGA press release, it looks like second hand EVGA products are about to become a lot more valuable as EVGA is now introducing a couple new warranty policies that will greatly simplify and improve on their current warranty program.

EVGA products purchased after July 1, 2011 will quality for EVGA’s new warranty policy where warranties would follow the product instead of the purchaser. This means that the warranty is completely “transferrable” to any second, third, fourth, nth owner as long as the product is still under the original warranty. The only condition is that EVGA’s extended warranties (5, 10, life, etc.) will still follow the original owner and won’t transfer to the new owner. Instead, new owners will get whatever time’s left of 3 years after the original purchase date.

Of course, there’s a lot more information on this new warranty policy so make sure to check it out below. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air to see companies expand on their warranty programs especially with other companies opting for the complete opposite.

Source: EVGA