Nvidia is expected to launch lower-clocked versions of its GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 mobile GPUs.

Images captured from a system show a version of a GTX 1080 with all cores enabled but running at 1,290MHz base clock. This is much lower than the 1,556MHz base clock on the dekstop GTX 1080. By lowering the core clock, it lowers the power and thermal envelope of the GPU. This allows it to be fitted into thinner gaming laptops.

The card scored a 1,7000 in 3D mark, 4,000 lower than a fully-fledged desktop GTX 1080. Not much was shown regarding the new GTX 1070 during the presentation.

The low-powered variant of the GTX 1080 is expected to have a TDP of 110W while the low-power GTX 1070 is expected to have a TDP of just 90W.


Source: NotebookCheck