So remember a week or two back when Razer was announcing that the Razer Blade would be available for pre-order and shipping by Christmas? Well, it looks like that isn’t happening. Sorry folks.

What happened? Well it seems like a SSD shortage is what happened. And I thought that was a hard drive only thing….

Because we managed to upgrade the HDD to an SSD at the eleventh hour, we were only able to secure quantities of the new SSDs to arrive at our manufacturing facilities at the last minute and as a result, we will not be able to fulfill our initial launch orders of the Razer Blade before the holidays. We expect to be able to ship our initial quantities of the Razer Blade only in mid to late January for our customers in North America. We will be doing everything humanly possible to bring this date forward if we can.

Anyway, for those of you who pre-ordered, you will get a free coupon for the Razer Orochi mouse which will ship with the Razer Blade. At least you get a free mouse right?

Anybody pick one of these up? Drop a comment.

Source: Neowin