First, we had the GTX 560 Ti. Then, we had the GTX 560. Then, we had the GTX 560 Ti 448 core. Now, we have the GTX 560 SE. I really don’t know how much more Nvidia can milk the GTX 560 naming scheme, but it looks like Nvidia is rolling out the “new” GTX 560 SE, which is basically going to be a watered down GTX 560 to hold Nvidia over until the full release of their new Kepler line of GPUs.

Below is a chart with some leaked benchmarks of the new graphics card from CPU-World. The GTX 560 SE is compared to its direct competitor, the new AMD Radeon HD7770. Performance wise, it looks like both cards will be neck to neck; however, the HD 7770 will be consuming substantially less power, no doubt to its next generation 28nm GCN architecture.

Depending on its pricing, I can definitely see the GTX 560 SE being a compelling purchase for budget gamers out there. Then again, with the already low pricing of the HD 7770 and the HD 6850, is anybody even thinking about picking one of these up?

Source: CPU-World