Lenovo, the China based technology giant, recently announced the release of the Hybrid ThinkPad X1.

While laptops are a dime a dozen, the Hybrid X1 stands out by having two processors. The first processor, a low powered ARM processor, will be dedicated to a special feature dubbed Instant Media Mode (IMM), which will allow the user to boot into a customized Linux based OS with a limited feature set however, because of the low power nature of the ARM processor, battery life will be doubled. The second processor is a traditional Intel Sandy Bridge Processor that will run a full version of Windows 7.

“We looked at what a cell phone does,” said Jenny Zawacki, Master Inventor at Lenovo. “A cellphone is always on, has a limited set of applications, and gives you an extended battery life. So we took those features, and we architected the system that sits inside of the X1 Hybrid”

No word on pricing has been announced. The Hybrid ThinkPad X1 will make its first appearance at CES 2012, and will be available for purchase in June 2012.