According to various reports online, Intel may be ahead of schedule with the refresh of their Haswell CPUs and are planning to shift the “Haswell Refresh” desktop CPUs along with the 9 series chipsets to April rather than May, as originally planned.

Around 20 Haswell Refresh processors will be available by April along with the new H97 and Z97 chipsets. Haswell Refresh models will be denoted with a +0020 on the model number compared to the current Haswell processor lineup (for example Intel Core i7 4770’s refresh counterpart is the Intel Core i7 4790) and most processors will come with a clock speed increase of 100MHz .


Refresh models coming in April will not include Haswell K Series although those processors are expected to arrive sometime in Q3 along with the release of Haswell-E. Intel’s next generation CPU, codename Broadwell isn’t expected to launch until the end of the year.


Source: CPU World, DigitimesWCCFtech