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Intel Corporation

If you’ve ever taken an business class, you’ll know that most companies will set their prices high at first then adjust them as time moves on. This is a smart move since it allows companies to milk early adopters, compensate for unexpected issues, and may also also give their product a sense of exclusivity. After all, I can’t imagine what a PR nightmare it’d be to raise the prices on a product because you set it too low at first. Eeek! Additionally, when prices are finally cut later on, it drives a huge wave of sales since customers who previously weren’t able to afford the product will now go purchase it.

However, according to a recent article posted by VR-Zone, Intel (and most likely their team of economics wizards) is actually planning to cut prices on the upcoming 22nm based Ivy Bridge line of processors prior to them even being released! While the price cuts themselves aren’t that substantial, it’s interesting that Intel is even cutting prices at all – especially considering Ivy Bridge will practically have no competition once the older generation Sandy Bridge processors stop being produced.

As you can see above, the two more popular processors, the Intel Core i7 3770K will now be introduced at $313 while the Intel Core i5 3570K will be introduced at $212 – a $7 and $8 price cut, respectively. Taking a look at current prices the Sandy Bridge counterparts, the Intel Core i7 2700K is currently priced at $337.98 and the Intel Core i5 2500K is currently priced at $218.98.

While I’m not going to speculate any further, it’ll definitely be interesting to see what kind of prices are actually going to show up on retail shelves once the Ivy Bridge processors arrive in the next couple weeks. That being said, if your favorite retailer is trying to charge you $370 for an i7 3770K, you might want to considering finding a new favorite retailer.

Source: VR-Zone