GLOBALFOUNDRIES recently announced their upcoming 7nm FinFET manufacturing process which is expected to go into production in early 2018.

According to the GLOBALFOUNDRIES, their new 7nm FinFET technology will deliver twice the logic density and 30% performance increase over current 16nm and 14nm FinFET processes. To accelerate development, the new process will significantly utilize tools and processes from their current 14nm FinFET process. Like competing foundries, GLOBALFOUNDRIES 7nm FinFET process will initially utilize an optical lithography, but will offer compatibility with EUV (Extreme UltraViolet) lithography as EUV technology matures.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is already testing 7nm FinFET utilizing designs from their leading customers at Fab 8 in Saratoga County, NY and an additional multi-billion dollar investment will be made to Fab 8 to enable development and production of 7nm FinFET. 7nm FinFET will be ready for customer product design in 2H2017 and go into risk production in early 2018.


Source: GlobalFoundries