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EVGA Giving Away PowerLink with All GeForce 10-series Graphics Cards

EVGA Giving Away PowerLink with All GeForce 10-series Graphics Cards

Donny StanleyOctober 3, 2016


EVGA unveiled their PowerLink at Computex earlier this year which is an adapter that allows you to relocate the PCIe power connector to the rear of the card, for neater cable management. Today, they’ve announced a plan to give away one of these devices to every owner of their current lineup of GeForce 10-series graphics cards.


EVGA PowerLink Features

The EVGA PowerLink is designed to “dramatically improve cable management” by allowing users to reroute cables to the rear of the graphics cards, which allows for improved case airflow, lower profile height, and a much cleaner wiring configuration.

The adapter features integrated solid-state capacitors, which also provides the additional benefit of power filtering. It also supports a variety of different PCIe connections and allows for adjustable spacing.

evga_powerlink02-custompcreview evga_powerlink03-custompcreview

The offer exists for a limited time only. So, sign-up today!


Source: EVGA

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  • Rob
    October 5, 2016 at 9:22 am

    Wouldn’t it have been better to simply design the card to have the port on that side of the card to start with?

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