Been craving for some info on the upcoming fourth installment in the Battlefield series? Well hopefully these HD screenshots of Battlefield 4 will satisfy you for now as EA gears up for an official announcement of the new game happening tonight (3/27/13).

Each of pictures showcase some beautiful graphics from within the game (although the last two appear to be cinematic scenes) and when compared to the previous installment, the difference is dramatic. The first image, a collage of delectable visual elements, displays flocks of beautiful birds and glaring lens flares that would make any graphic junkie’s jaw drop. The second changes the tone with more precise depiction of the attention to detail on the individual characters proving once and again that the little aspects of games are what sets the difference between a good and great title. Last but not least we get a fiery helicopter crash scene, an ever present part of modern war games, in which the details on the character models and smoke/ember particles are displayed in all their glory.

More images and information is becoming available via the Battlefield Facebook page, so all you Facebook junkies be sure to give it a like to receive the latest information. The Battlefield website is also currently teasing the launch of Battlefield 4 as well telling us to come back on March 27 for a “first look at gameplay”, so be sure to check that out as well.

Stay tuned!


Image Source: EA/DICE