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Computex 2016: ASUS Debuts 180Hz ROG Swift PG248Q G-Sync Monitor

Computex 2016: ASUS Debuts 180Hz ROG Swift PG248Q G-Sync Monitor

Donny StanleyMay 30, 2016

During the ASUS’s Republic of Gamer’s event at Computex 2016, the company unveiled the latest in their ROG Swift gaming monitor line. The ROG Swift PG248Q is a 24″ 1080p TN panel, which features NVIDIA’s G-Sync variable refresh-rate technology along with a whopping 180Hz overclockable display, that is also paired with a 1ms response time.

180Hz Overclockable G-Sync Gaming Monitor

ASUS states the PG248Q is designed with the eSports community in mind,  as such it will be the exclusive monitor for major eSports events including ESL One 2016 and The International 2016. The company claims that the monitor was designed specifically for gamers that prefer a smaller display in order to avoid having to move their head across the display to locate targets.

No pricing or availability details have been announced yet.

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