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BitFenix Introduces the Prodigy Mini-ITX Case

BitFenix Introduces the Prodigy Mini-ITX Case

Sam ChenMay 24, 2012

Remember a couple months back when we spotted some photos of a couple unnamed BitFenix cases? Well, one of them turns out to be the BitFenix Prodigy.

Traditionally, going with smaller Mini-ITX formfactor cases always involved massive tradeoffs. After all, the smaller sized case is physically incapable of fitting stuff like larger graphics cards or tons of hard drives. Lucky for us, BitFenix noticed. The BitFenix Prodigy is a Mini-ITX formfactor case designed with enthusiasts in mind from the ground up. This means room for graphics cards up to 320mm long, space for up to five 2.5″ or 3.5″ hard drives or SSDs, even space for a 240mm water cooling radiator, and more.

The Prodigy is expected to be priced at $79 and will be available in early June.

Source: BitFenix

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