Press Release

Accelero Hybrid 7970 – Graphics Card Cooler for Enthusiasts

To fulfilling the user’s demand, ARCTIC developed another graphics card cooler that integrates air and liquid solution together – the Accelero Hybrid 7970. For the world’s first 28nm AMD 7900/7800 series GPUs, it offers an all-in-one solution with 200% cooling performance and is up to13 times quieter than the stock cooler. It boosts the cooling capacity up to 320 Watts at a fraction of the noise level. If you are an enthusiast or overclocker, the Accelero Hyrbid 7970 is your choice.

The copper cold plate on the pump offers an ideal thermal conductivity. Its 120 mm PWM fan (F12) compliments the cooling performance of the heat exchanger. With four different airflow direction options, you can install the 120 mm PWM fan accordingly to improve the overall cooling efficiency. The closed- loop liquid system is maintenance-free and offers nearly effortless installation.

The aerodynamically-designed Active Cooling Unit in combination with a comprehensive set of RAM and VR heatsinks, assures maximum cool- ing of the GPU surrounding components. Surprisingly, both the liquid and air unit on the graphics card weight only 363g. In essence, you can enjoy a high-performance and silent integrated air and liquid cooling solution for a vast range of graphics cards with absolute ease.

The Accelero Hybrid 7970 comes with a two-year limited warranty with MSRP at 179.99 USD/135.67 EUR, excluding VAT. For more information, please check out the product page here.