AMD has unveiled its new driver software for its Radeon graphics products. Branded as the Radeon Software Crimson Edition, the new software suite aims to improve usability and increase the ease of use.

As the successor to the Catalyst Control Center (CCC), Radeon Crimson brings a completely overhauleds the user experience in three ways: responsiveness, discoverability, and ease of use. The software will have a faster startup speed, and I wouldn’t be surprised if its tabs loaded more smoothly as well. Crimson also has a new Game Manager for managing game-specific settings optimizations and new Display Settings to swap between monitor color profiles. The cluttery tabs in CCC’s sidebar has been categorized and condensed into cleaner buttons on the home page. Many settings previously scattered across CCC have been grouped into their respective categories. For example, all settings related to overclocking has been migrated onto a single page. To top everything off, the software ditches the bland grey color scheme of CCC in favor of the crimson blushed aluminum theme.

Watch the video for a message from the new head of AMD’s Radeon division, Raja Konduri.

Source: AMD