If you own a modern Android smartphone, have Allo Messenger, or a Google Home device, one of the most awesome features about it is its ability to respond to voice commands by simply saying “OK Google”. While initially OK Google voice commands felt a bit gimmicky rather than useful, numerous rounds of improvements along with improved voice recognition have made it very useful for doing simple things like calling someone while driving or sending a quick text message from across the room.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t provide a full list of OK Google commands, but we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the most useful OK Google commands we’ve found so far. By no means is this a complete list and while we’ll be doing our best to keep this list updated, given how often Google is updating the OK Google digital assistant, there are bound to be more commands that haven’t been included. If you know any, be sure to let us know in the comments below so we can update accordingly.

Happy OK Googling!


Communication Commands


  • Call [contact]
  • Call [say the name of the contact] on speakerphone


  • Text [contact] [message]
  • Show me my texts
  • Show me my texts from [contact]
  • Email [contact] [message]
  • Show me my emails
  • Show me emails from [contact]
  • Send a WhatsApp message to [contact][message]
  • Send a Hangouts message to [contact][message]

Social Media

  • Post to Twitter [message]
  • Post to Google+ [message]
  • Post to Facebook [message]


Device Commands

  • Open [App]
  • Turn on/off flashlight
  • Turn on/off Bluetooth
  • Turn on/off Wi-Fi
  • Turn on/off NFC
  • Increase/decrease brightness
  • Increase/decrease volume
  • Set volume to max
  • Turn off ringer
  • Mute volume
  • Take a picture
  • Go to [website]


Media Commands


  • Play music (Google Music)
  • Play [song] (Google Music)
  • Play [song] using Spotify
  • Play [song] using Pandora
  • Play next/previous song


  • Show me my pictures
  • Show me my pictures from [location]
  • Show me pictures I took [date]


Asking Questions


  • What is [word]
  • Synonyms [word]
  • Antonyms [word]


  • Who is [person]
  • How old is [person]


  • Where is [business]
  • What is the review for [business]
  • What is [business] phone number?
  • Is [business] open?
  • What time is [business] open until?

Doing Stuff

  • How do I [task]


  • What movies are playing nearby?
  • What are some new [genre] movies?
  • What are showtimes for [movie theater]?
  • What are showtimes for [movie]?
  • Is [movie] a good movie?
  • Show me a trailer for [movie]


  • What is [number] times [number]
  • What is [number] plus [number]
  • What is [percentage] of [number]
  • What is [number] to the power of [number]
  • What is the square root of [number]
  • What is [number]log[number]
  • Convert [measurement] to [measurement]
  • And more…


  • How is [sports team] doing?
  • Did the [sports team] win the last game?
  • What is the [sports team] roster?


  • What is the price of [stock]?
  • Did [stock] go up/down today?
  • What is [company] stock ticker symbol?


  • How do I say [phrase/word] in [language]?
  • How much is [currency] in [currency]?
  • What time is it in [city]?
  • Is [flight] on time?
  • What time is [flight] departing?
  • What time is [flight] arriving?
  • Show me things to do around the area
  • Find me [business type]


Navigation Commands

  • Navigate Home
  • Navigate me to [location]
  • Show me [mode of transport] directions to [location]
  • How long will it take to get to [location]?
  • How far is [location] from [location]?
  • How long will it take to get from [location] to [location]?



Taking Notes

  • Take a note on [app][message]


  • Remind me to [task]
  • What is my next reminder?


  • Schedule a meeting
  • When is my next meeting
  • Where is my next meeting
  • Show me my calendar


  • Set an alarm for [time]
  • Set an alarm for [label] at [time]
  • Set an alarm for [label] at [time] for every [recurring days]
  • When is my next alarm?
  • Show me my alarms
  • Cancel all alarms
  • Set a timer for [time]


Fun Commands

  • Flip a coin
  • Roll a dice
  • Are you better than Siri?
  • Are you better than Alexa?
  • Read me a poem
  • Tell me a quote
  • Motivate me
  • Give me a random number between [number] and [number]