Show Girls of Computex 2017

Another year, another Computex Booth Babes. Over the years, many trade shows such as CES or E3 have seen significant reductions in the use of models AKA showgirls or booth babes to attract attention to their booths while other conferences such as the computer security focused RSA Conference has effectively banned booth babes completely. However, take a quick walk around the Computex Tapei show floor and it’s easy to see that the booth babe culture continues to remain strong in 2017.

This time, we’d like to credit David Chang of Yuki-no Photography and Rock Hsu of Research Images who have generously contributed to providing you with another glimpse of the Computex booth babe experience. As usual, if you enjoy their work, be sure to thank them by giving their Facebook pages a like as well. Those who missed our Computex Booth Babes of 2013Computex Booth Babes of 2014Computex Booth Babes of 2015 or Computex Booth Babes of 2016 be sure to check those out as well. Enjoy!