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Computex Booth Babes of 2015

Computex Booth Babes of 2015

Sam ChenJuly 30, 2017

Booth Babes of Computex 2015!

Wow has time flown by! This has already become the third Computex we’ve covered and as you’d expect from a Computex, there were plenty of booth babes trying to attract your eyes on the show floor.

Once again thanks to our good friend David Chang of Yuki-no photography, we get to give you all another glimpse of the Computex booth babe experience. As usual, if you’ve enjoyed his work, be sure to thank him by giving his Facebook page a like as well. Those who missed our Computex 2013: Best of Booth Babes Edition or Computex 2014: Best of Booth Babes Edition be sure to check it out as well.

Otherwise, enjoy!

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