[section label=1. Booth Babes of Computex 2014]

Booth Babes of Computex 2014!

Unlike CES where most companies have significantly toned down on the use of show girls, or “booth babes” to encourage visitors to check out their booths, an almost integral part of the Computex experience is actually the booth babes. Unlike most other major trade shows, Computex booth babes are literally hired by the hundreds, and apart from looking pretty inside their employers’ booths, also interact with show attendees by performing choreographed dances, doing product giveaways, conducting treasure hunts, and more.

Since last year’s Computex 2013: Best of Booth Babes Edition was so popular among our readers, we decided to once again ask our good friend David Chang of Yuki-no photography to help us bring you a small look into the Computex booth babe experience. As usual, if you’ve enjoyed his work, be sure to thank him by giving his Facebook page a like as well.