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September 29, 2016

Upcoming Gigabyte AMD AM4 Motherboard Pictures Leaked

A slew of images from two upcoming Gigabyte AMD AM4 platform motherboards were recently leaked by Korean website BodNara. These upcoming motherboards will support AMD’s AM4 socket platform which will be the primary platform for AMD’s upcoming Summit Ridge (Zen), Bristol Ridge, Raven Ridge and many future AMD CPUs/APUs.

Like previous AMD platforms, the new AM4 platform will support several different chipsets which are geared towards different market segments. The AMD A320 chipset will be geared towards the entry level while the B350 chipset will be geared towards the mid-range and the X370 chipset will be aimed at the high end. The new chipsets [...]

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August 25, 2016

How to Find Your Motherboard’s Manufacturer, Model, and BIOS Version

Get to Know Your PC

As a PC owner, one of the most important things to know is the manufacturer, model and BIOS version of the motherboard you have in your system. This is one of the first questions I ask people when they ask me if they can upgrade their system or when they ask me for help because something isn’t working correctly. The motherboard is the one piece of hardware in your system that interconnects everything else so any hardware upgrades will need to be compatible with the motherboard. Depending on the motherboard manufacturer and how active they are on updates, the motherboard’s internal software, or BIOS/UEFI, also needs to be upgrade to [...]

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July 21, 2016

GIGABYTE Announces Radeon RX 480 G1 Gaming Graphics Cards

Earlier this week, Gigabyte took the wraps off their Radeon RX 480 G1 Gaming graphics cards, which both feature a fully non-reference design. The cards are available in both 4GB and 8GB models, meaning Gigabyte aims to accommodate multiple price segments.


Both the 4GB and 8GB models include Gigabyte’s well-known WINDFORXE 2X cooling system, which features a dual two 90 mm fans which are paired with three copper heat pipes which have direct contact with the GPU for increased heat dissipation. Airflow is enhanced by a unique fan blade design which Gigabyte claims will increase cooling capacity by as much as 23% while keeping noise to a [...]

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June 17, 2016

Computex 2016: Gigabyte Motherboards Updated for X99, Z170 unveiled

During our stay at Computex we stopped by the Gigabyte suite and took a look at their motherboards.

GA-X99 Designare EX

The Designare series is a class of motherboards aimed at those looking for productivity, which is a very interesting step from Gigabyte. While very similar to their “Gaming” focused boards, this one has a focus on faster storage with dual SATA Express slots and support for U.2 and M.2 storage under the white shroud. It also supports the new Broadwell-E 10 core with a beefy 8+1 phase power design, which we would assume is from International Rectifier. Gigabyte boasts that with this board it won’t take a professional overclocker to get [...]

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June 3, 2016

Computex 2016: Gigabyte Factory Tour

For Computex 2016, we had the opportunity to tag along with Gigabyte to tour their Taiwan factory. Gigabyte’s pretty excited to show us exactly why they’re so confident in the quality of their motherboards.

Gigabyte’s factory in Taiwan is actually located in Nan Ping. It covers an area of 45,000 square meters and while it’s a relatively large factory, it isn’t the biggest factory Gigabyte owns. Gigabyte also has two more factories in mainland China, with the biggest being 60,000 square meters. This is however perceived as the “premium” factory as many OEMs specifically request components manufactured in [...]

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May 30, 2016

Computex 2016: GIGABYTE Unveils Xtreme Gaming PSUs, XC700 Chassis, XK-700 Gaming Keyboard

Computex 2016 has finally kicked off and we’re getting our first look at some new products of GIGABYTE. The company has unveiled a slew of new products including a brand new line of power supplies and a chassis, and a keyboard, all under their Xtreme Gaming brand.

GIGABYTE Enters Into Enthusiast Power Supply Market

GIGABYTE’s new enthusiast grade Xtreme Gaming power supply line includes just one model as of right now, but their may be more. The XP1200M is a 1200 watt, fully modular 80+ Platinum unit which features all-Japanese capacitors, a single +12V rail, DC-to-DC switching and a 140 mm double ball-bearing fan which will stay completely off below a specific [...]

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January 6, 2016

CES 2016: Gigabyte Announces Skylake Equipped AORUS Gaming Laptops

Gigabyte unveiled three new additions to its gaming-centric AORUS laptop branch. The latest versions of the AORUS X5 and X7 series gaming laptops come with exciting hardware and feature updates.


The most prominent feature of the X5 v5 is its dual GTX 965M in combination with the 3K or 4K UHD G-SYNC compatible display. The CPU has been updated to use Intel’s Skylake Core i7 Quad Core CPU. Users can choose to configure the device with up to 64GB of RAM. Storage is handled by M.2 PCIe SSD, but AORUS has yet to comment on its capacity.


The AORUS X5S V5 is the single GPU variant to the X5 v5. It sacrifices the dual GTX 965M GPU for a single, [...]

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November 27, 2015

Black Friday PC Hardware Buyers Guide 2015

Thanksgiving is one of our favourite holidays for many reasons. It’s the holiday that excuses our insatiable appetite for turkey and lets us express our gratitude towards our family and our dear readers! So to give something back to you guys, we’ve compiled a list of the best hardware deals from around the web so you can keep your system happy, too!

Okay, enough with the cheesy introductions and let’s get down to business, I’ll be curating some of the best deals from around the net, For GPU deals though check our GPU reviewers round up.


Black Friday PC Hardware Buyers Guide CPU Deals

Intel i7-4790K $299.99 @ [...]

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November 11, 2015

GIGABYTE Updates Entire GTX 900 Series Lineup, Introduces New Xtreme Gaming Series

GIGABYTE has just unveiled an update to their complete GTX 900 Series and Titan X lineup, the new cards will feature new aesthetics, improved factory overclocks, better cooling, and new overclock-ready custom PCBs.  The new cards are part of the company’s newly introduced Xtreme Gaming series, and will have models ranging from the GTX 970 all the way to the Titan X.

The new lineup will consist of nearly every GTX 900 series card released to date, including the Titan X, GTX 980 Ti,  GTX 980, GTX 970. The only cards missing seem to be the GTX 960 and recently released GTX 950, which may be released later on. The new lineup seems to consist of a refined [...]

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October 22, 2015

GIGABYTE Launches R9 Fury WindForce and GTX 980 WaterForce Graphics Cards

This week the motherboard and graphics card manufacturer Gigabyte unveiled two new high-end graphics cards, each from both major graphics companies. The first of the new cards is the all-new Radeon R9 Fury WindForce, which up until now has been delayed for quite some time due to supply constraints with AMD’s Fury GPUs. AMD has recently announced that these constraints have been alleviated and Gigabyte’s R9 Fury WindForce is the one of the first of what should be many new R9 Fury GPUs to be launched this quarter.

The R9 Fury WindForce features GIGABYTE’s signature triple-fan WindForce cooler, which is similar if not identical to the solution found on [...]

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June 10, 2015

Computex 2015: Gigabyte Unveils Aorus X5 Gaming Laptop, Updates X7 Pro-SYNC

First unveiled as a premium gaming brand from Gigabyte back at CES 2014, Aorus is continuing to expand their lineup at Computex 2015 with a brand new gaming laptop and a refresh of the Aorus X7.

The Aorus X series is a family of premium gaming laptops aimed straight at gamers, enthusiasts and content creation professionals. Not only do they pack incredible features and performance for users on the go, they’re also extremely versatile with plenty of options to extend their usability.

Model Aorus X3 Plus V3 Aorus X5 Aorus X7 Pro-SYNC CPU Intel Core i7-4710HQ (Haswell) Intel Core i7-5700HQ (Broadwell) Intel Core i7-4870HQ (Haswell) GPU Nvidia GTX870M Nvidia [...]
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January 7, 2015

CES 2015: Gigabyte Launches P37X Gaming Laptop

At a recent CES press conference, Gigabyte announced the new P37X gaming laptop as the world’s lightest 17.3″ gaming laptop.

Designed as a mobile gaming station for gamers on the go, the Gigabyte P37X features a 17.3″ FHD screen, an Intel Core i7 Haswell CPU and a Nvidia GTX 980M GPU with 8GB of GDDR5. The P37X also has an impressive array of storage options. It features dual mSATA 512GB SSDs and dual 2 TB HDDs. The Gigabyte P37X also has a removable optical drive mounted on a pull-out tray, which can be swapped out for another 2.5″HDD if needed.

Although it’s very full featured, the Gigabyte P37X is also [...]

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