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June 16, 2013

Best Haswell Gaming PC Build Under $1500 [June 2013]

Build a Powerful Next Generation Gaming PC!

With the recent release of Intel’s latest 4th Generation Intel Core Processors codenamed Haswell, a number of our readers here have been contacting us for an update to the $1,500 gaming PC build and since our last $1,500 gaming PC build was a small form factor gaming PC build, we decided to go ahead and see what we could come up with. For our build today, the goal was to create a no compromise system that would run every game on the market at high to ultra settings at 1080p yet still keep the budget under $1,500.

Care to check out what we’ve come up with? Let’s find out!

Haswell Gaming Computer Build [...]
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March 26, 2013

Best Gaming/Streaming/Recording PC Build Under $2,000 [March 2013]

Build an Awesome Livestreaming PC to Show Off Your 1337 Gaming Skills!

Live game streaming and pre-recorded game compilation videos have become extremely popular these days with the massive explosion of video streaming services such as YouTube and, so this month’s build will be focused on a reasonably priced gaming computer that can handle game streaming, game recording, video editing, and of course 1080p gaming as well.

Care to check out what we’ve come up with? Let’s find out!

Gaming/Streaming/Recording Computer Build Component Summary – Budget: $2,000 CPU Intel Core i7-3770K $321 Motherboard Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H $140 Memory 16GB [...]
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January 24, 2013

Best Photo/Video Editing PC Under $1,400 [January 2013]

Powerful Photo/Video Editing at a Budget

Looking through my list of my featured computer builds, one build I felt really needed updating is the photo/video editing build as it’s one of the most requested builds along with the $1,000 gaming PC build, so for this month (well, the couple more days left for this month), that’s what we’ll do.

Now there’s a couple good photo/video editing builds I can think of, but when it comes to price to performance, I think the $1,000 – $1,400 range definitely provides the most bang for the buck, so today we’ll be doing a build that fits right into the $1,400 budget. Those [...]

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November 22, 2012

Best Custom Gaming Computer Build Under $1,000 [December 2012]

High End Gaming Performance Under $1,000

Every month I try to put together a new recommended/best computer build for you guys and generally speaking, the build I see that’s requested most often is the $1,000 gaming PC build that can be expected to last a couple years. Since it’s already Thanksgiving time (for those of you in the USA) and Christmas is around the corner (and I know a lot of you guys are really looking to put something together for the holidays), I felt that a strong $1,000 build would be the most help for you guys for this month and into December.

For those looking for something a bit more budget, be sure to check [...]

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October 5, 2012

Best Budget AMD Gaming PC Build Under $800 [October 2012]

Mid-Range Performance at a Budget Pricetag

For those of you who regularly follow our featured gaming builds here on Custom PC Review, you’ll notice that we didn’t really have anything for the month of September. Now, you may be wondering why is that?

Well, for those interested in the high performance segment and are willing to spend up to $2,000, we put together the “Best Gaming PC Build Under $2000” in August and for those willing to spend slightly over $1,000 at around $1,200 to $1,300, we put together the “Best Ivy Bridge Gaming PC Build Under $1,200 or $1,300” in July. Since these builds are still [...]

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August 5, 2012

Best Gaming PC Build Under $2000 [August 2012]

High Performance, Price/Performance PC Build

For our August 2012 best gaming PC build, we’ll be building a high performance heavyweight contender powerful enough to provide the knockout punch to even the most graphically demanding games with ease. Like every boxer, this beast will have to stay within a weight range, which in our case is a budget of under $2000.

Wanna find out what we came up with? Let’s hop right in!

Gaming Computer Build Component Summary – Budget: $2,000 CPU Intel Core i5 3570K $220 Motherboard Gigabyte Z77 G1.Sniper 3 $290 Memory 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz DDR3 Low Profile 1.5v $54 GPU EVGA GTX [...]
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July 31, 2012

Best Photo/Video/3D Workstation Computer Build Under $1000 [August 2012]

Pre-built workstation computers designed for photo editing, video editing and 3D modeling can fetch well over $2000 and you still won’t get the performance and upgrade-ability that comes with a custom computer build. With our August 2012 workstation computer build, we’ll be focusing on building the best photo editing, video editing, and 3D modeling computer build for under that magic $1,000 price point.

Ready to see what we came up with? Let’s go!

Workstation Computer Build Component Summary CPU Intel Core i7 3770k $340 Motherboard Gigabyte Z77X-D3H $142 Memory 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz [...]
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June 21, 2012

Best Ivy Bridge Gaming PC Build Under $1,200 or $1,300 [July 2012]

As most of you may expect, I typically get a couple requests a month asking about computer builds. Whether it be if a certain one is good, a certain one isn’t, or simply a request for a PC to fit within a certain budget, I get them. So, today I’ll be sharing the best gaming PC build that I think falls under probably one of the most requested computer builds out there – the gaming PC/computer build around or under $1,200-$1,300.


Budget: $1,200 – $1,300


CPU – Intel Core i5 3570k

For our Ivy Bridge gaming computer, we’re going with Intel’s Core i5 3570K. Equipped with [...]

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May 30, 2012

Best Small Form Factor Ivy Bridge Gaming PC Build Under $1,500 [June 2012]

It used to be that if you wanted an enthusiast gaming PC, you had to buy large, clunky parts and put them in an enormous case – not exactly the kind of computer you want to be carrying around to LAN parties. Now, with small yet powerful computers emerging left and right, that isn’t the case anymore. So for our gaming PC build this June we will be focusing on maximizing the space we have, delivering an abundance of power, as well as keeping everything in a simple small for factor to reduce our physical footprint. The budget will be right around $1,500 – plenty enough for a top of the line gaming machine.


Budget: [...]
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May 20, 2012

Best Budget Gaming PC Build Under $1000 [May 2012]

A couple years ago, a decent gaming build typically cost in the neighborhood of $1,500 to $2,000+. However, lately it seems like $1,000 has become the new sweet spot bridging value with performance. Today’s gaming PC build will be similar to gaming PC builds in the past for around the $1,000 price point. Our goal is to be able to build the best gaming PC that can play most games on the market today (Battlefield 3, Call of Duty, Skyrim, Diablo 3, etc.) at 1920×1200 resolution with high to ultra settings. Of course, we might not be able to crank up the AA to 4x, but we should be able to max out every other [...]

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May 14, 2012

Best High End Video Editing/Gaming PC Build [May 2012]

This build is primarily focused on high end, intensive video editing with a secondary usage as an performance gaming PC. This means finding a balance of processing power and graphical power and all at the same time sticking to a budget of around $2500-$3000. We’re definitely looking for value here as well, so the closer to $2,500, the better.


Budget: $2,500-$3,000


CPU – Intel Core i7 3930K

For an enthusiast machine designed for both tons of video editing and tons of gaming in mind, we’ll need a powerful processor to handle all the work and it’s hard to think of anything better than the i7 3930K. Armed with a hyper [...]

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April 8, 2012

Best Silent/Performance Gaming Computer Build [April 2012]

In the past, gamers and overclockers had to choose between cooling performance and noise level. However, as the design of cases, coolers, and fans become more advanced as well as improvements in the breatheability of sound dampening materials, builders can now choose the optimum balance between silence and efficient cooling without sacrificing too much on either end.

Today, we’ll be focused on putting together a balanced mid range gaming PC that will play even the most graphically intensive games on the market today (Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Crysis 2) at high to ultra settings with a resolution of 1920×1200. Additionally, [...]

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