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CM Storm Stryker Case Review

CM Storm Stryker Case Review

Sam ChenSeptember 19, 2012

CM Storm Trooper in White

Truth be told, when I first laid eyes the CM Storm Trooper last year, I wasn’t quite sold. Not because it wasn’t a good case, no, on the contrary, it was a great case; possibly among the best Cooler Master has ever made. But, compared to some of the other stuff on the market (some even from Cooler Master themselves), it just seemed a bit dull – a bit boring even.

Why? Well, it’s a high end gaming case designed to house some of the most beautiful, most expensive computer components in the world, and Cooler Master forgot to give it a windowed sidepanel. Oops! In addition, the outward appearance of the case seemed kinda dull to me. Sure there were some vents here and there, and there was a handle, but to be honest it simply seemed like one of those cases that you hide in a corner rather than proudly display at the next LAN party. In terms of its appearance, I didn’t really feel it was much competition even against some of its cousins, the HAF 932 or the HAF X.

If only we could get the CM Storm Trooper with a windowed sidepanel and a more flashy paintjob…

Meet the CM Storm Stryker. When I got my first glimpse of the CM Storm Stryker, I thought it was a brand new case. While it looked near identical to the CM Storm Trooper, it had a white paintjob, some beautiful white LED fans lighting up the black mesh up front and, perhaps the biggest improvement, a windowed sidepanel. The combination of the name change along with the new aesthetics really got me thinking Cooler Master had unveiled a whole new case, but it really wasn’t. (Probably something to do with a certain solder unit of the Imperial Navy)

Fresh paintjob on a functionally awesome case… what could go wrong?

CM Storm Stryker Specifications

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  • Orange

    Nice review. You said several times something about the graphics card not being able to breath in the stock configuration. You did not post the results of your temperature tests for that configuration though so I’m wondering if you were just making that part up? The design looks on the face of it to be negative pressure with plenty of filtered air entry surface available. If the box was positive pressure based then I would understand your point.

  • Kinh Konn

    WARNING: This case if very loud. An aspect overlooked on every review site, including this one. Yes, it looks great and has great features but if you’re into sound design, audio recording then look elsewhere.