Heads up Canada. You just got a feature before everyone else for once! That’s right, YouTube’s latest in-app sharing feature will come to Canada first. Everyone else, well you need an invite.

According to Google, this new feature will allow users to share videos directly within the app via a new messenger baked into the YouTube app. Each shared video will create its own conversation, completed with emojis and a heart button to show who liked it. Gone are the days of having to switch apps, copy, and paste links into your messenger of choice. Of course, you can still do that… if you want.

The new update will roll out in the updated YouTube app in both iOS and Android flavors starting Wednesday. According to Google, the decision to roll out this feature to Canada first is because Canadians share 15% more videos than any other country. I concur. When it’s it’s too cold to roam outside and not cold enough for road hockey, you’ve got to pass the time somehow.


Source: Google