According to a recent article by DigiTimes, Western Digital is projecting that the global storage market will reach $42 billion, up from $38 billion this year and $36 billion in 2013 thanks to significant demand for storage by the growing cloud computing, IoT (Internet of Things), personal, mobile and PC storage segments. Furthermore, Western Digital projects that overall storage demand will increase to a staggering 44ZB (44 billion TB), up from 4.4ZB in 2013 representing a CAGR of 40%.

Currently, the PC and personal storage markets account for almost half of the global storage market, but Western Digital believes that demand from the enterprise will pick up in the near future. By 2016, Western Digital expects enterprise storage demand to surpass the storage demand by the PC market and by 2020, Western Digital expects the enterprise market to account for almost half of total storage consumption.


Source: DigiTimes