So, in case you missed it, Microsoft recently released a new Windows 7 patch to improve AMD Bulldozer performance which AMD claims will give you a 0-2% performance boost. So, what’s it more like? 0% or 2%?

Well, according to TweakPC, it’s more like 0%. TweakPC, recently ran a suite of before and after benchmarks using the AMD FX-8150 and the results weren’t that impressive. Most benchmarks (Cinebench, AIDA64, etc.) yielded no performance gains while some (WinRAR, Resident Evil 5, etc.) yielded very minor performance gains.

That being said, it is still recommended that you apply these patches, but don’t go in expecting too much. While you’re downloading though, be sure to hit the jump and take a peek at the benchmarks below.

Source: TechPowerUp /