As Black Friday approaches within the end of the week, many companies are gearing up some of their biggest discounts ever and to noone’s surprise, T-Mobile has recently announced their Black Friday deals which include free or discounted flagship smartphones with trade-ins, $200 for those who port into T-Mobile, and more.

If you’re thinking of switching to T-Mobile or you’re an existing T-Mobile One or Simple Choice Unlimited customer looking to upgrade your phone, you’re in luck. For the Black Friday weekend starting November 24, you can trade in an eligible device for a free or discounted iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and LG V20. Of course, the free or discounted phone will be paid via bill credits over the course of 24 months, so you’ll essentially be locked into a 24-month “contract”, but hey at least you won’t have to shell out the full $769.99 for the iPhone 7 Plus. 

In addition to the free/discounted flagship smartphones, T-Mobile is also offering cash for those switching to T-Mobile during the Black Friday weekend. T-Mobile is willing to offer $200 to anyone who switches a number from another carrier to theirs, with the maximum limit set to 12 lines, or $2,400 which will be applied to pre-paid Mastercards.

“This year, the holidays are on us!” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “2016 has been a looong year. And now it’s time for family and holidays and giving! So we’re going to start giving like only the Un-carrier can. We’re covering the cost of your holiday shopping and giving you the most popular superphones for the holidays. Call me crazy, but it feels good to give!”

While T-Mobile has offered a free hour of Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi to T-Mobile customers for a few months now, T-Mobile is also extending the free hour of in-flight Wi-Fi to AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint customers from now through November 26.


Source: T-Mobile