Press Release

Introduction of the Nano-Ceramic Precision Bearing Fan Series

Spire Corp – We are proud to introduce our new fan series with Nano-ceramic precision bearing. Spire fans with Nano-bearing offer a more silent, reliable and durable solution for the most demanding situations.

Traditional fans with oil seal bearings have serious wear with a relatively short service life as the bearings can easily overheat which results the impeller jamming and the pcb melting. Fans with nano-ceramic bearings are made from namo-zirconia powder as main material and a collocating special nano-particles lubricant to guarantee an exponentially longer life. The average service life is more than 70,000 HRS.

The Nano-bearings are considerably quieter than Ball-bearings (2-3dBA) and they are also far easier to assemble. Another advantage is that the impeller’s centre can be much smaller, which means that the fan blades can be made larger which increase the air flow. Spire Nano-bearing fans are equipped with soft anti-vibration corners that can easily be removed if required for custom fitting. For example when building into the front of a chassis with limited space, just pull out the rubber corners and mount the fan with standard self-tapping screws. These Nano-bearing fans are available with PWM and/or LED in blue or red colors.

Main advantages of Spire Nano-Bearing fans are:

  • Bearing, nano-ceramic composite (proprietary) material
  • Less friction, easy start up
  • Silent (less noise than sleeve- and ball-bearing)
  • Lower start voltage at 3.8V+ where generic fans start from 5V+
  • New fan blade and impeller design for better air pressure
  • Longer life time, 70.000 up to 80.000 life hours
  • Easy remove and dust cleaning of fan motor and impeller
  • Removable soft anti -vibe corners ( silicon rubber material )

The Spire Nano precision bearing fan series can be used as a replacement fan for CPU cooler ( heat-sink) case fan or power supply fan.

Starting at USD 12.99 / EURO 9.95 Spire fans with Nano-bearing are available.

The first available model of the Nano-bearing fan series, part # SP12025N7L4-B-PWM is now available from our warehouse in The Netherlands and our warehouse in China.

More info:
More information on the various Nano-bearing fans and applications can be found on Spire’s website.