With FMS 2016 coming up soon, new and exciting products are beginning to emerge from the various flash vendors and Seagate is among the first to let loose some details of their upcoming products.

To cater to the needs of the enterprise customer Seagate recently announced the Nytro XM1440 now with capacities up to 2TB. 

The Seagate Nytro XF1440 and the Seagate Nytro XM1440 are both drives that were launched at FMS last year, but at the time only the Nytro XF1440 in the 2.5″ x 7mm form factor scaled up to 2TB. With the recent announcement, the Nytro XM1440 will now achieve a full 2TB capacity in the M.2 22110 form factor. This will make the Nytro XM1440 the highest capacity enterprise M.2 22110 drive on the market.

Surprisingly, this new capacity was achieved simply thanks to denser NAND packaging. Speaking with Seagate, we were told that both the NAND (Micron 16nm MLC) and the controller (Marvell 88SS1093) is the same as we’ve seen before.

The Seagate Nytro XM1440 2TB is currently sampling now with production expected in 4Q2016.


In addition to the Nytro XM1440 2TB, Seagate is also introducing the Nytro 7102 AIC to help fill the needs of their customers. The Nytro XP7102 is essentially the same thing as the Nytro XM1440/XF1440, except it’s in the HHHL AIC form factor. The Nytro 7102 is designed for customers with existing server infrastructure looking to get the performance advantages of a SSD without having to figure out how to add in a M.2 22110 or 2.5 x 7mm compatibility into their servers.

The Segate Nytro XP7102 is sampling now and in production.