Seagate recently unveiled a full portfolio of 10TB HDDs under their Guardian Series branding designed for the consumer market.

The Guardian Series product lines that will now offer capacities up to 10TB include the Barracuda Pro, Ironwolf and Seahawk. The Barracuda Pro is designed for desktop and client use, the Ironwolf is designed for NAS systems and the Seahawk is designed for video surveillance applications. Each of the three drives utilize Seagate’s Helium technology to reach their massive capacities. Seagate had previously launched a 10TB helium based drive for the enterprise earlier this year, but is now bringing this technology to the consumer market as well.

Aside from the massive 10TB capacity, there’s nothing too special about the drives. The Barracuda Pro will carry a 5-year warranty while the Ironwolf and Skyhawk will carry 3-year warranties. Those interested in insane amounts of storage can order the 10TB Barracuda Pro for $508.99, the 10TB Ironwolf  for $448.99 and the 10TB Skyhawk for $438.99.