According to the Chinese tech site EXPReview, the AMD R9 380X is headed towards the market and XFX has already got a card to ship. This is unsurprising considering how AMD still needs a card to fill its 1080p performance market.

amd-r9-380x-custom-pc-review amd-r9-380x-custom-pc-review-1 amd-r9-380x-custom-pc-review-2

The supposed XFX R9 380X depicted above uses a dual-fan cooling solution with removable fans for easy cleaning.

If the rumour is true, then the R9 380X will most likely use AMD’s Antigua Pro GPU, which should be a re-brand of the full Tonga GPU used on the R9 285. EXPReview has speculated that the Antigua Pro may also be a re-brand of the R9 280X, but that seems unlikely as the Antigua GPU used for the R9 380 is already based on the Tonga GPU. The R9 380X could feature 2,048 steam processors, a 384 bit memory bus, and 32 ROPs. It will be interesting to see what changes AMD has made to the GPU, if any at all.

Pricing is a no brainer. The R9 380X should be priced between the R9 390 and the R9 380. Its rival product is most likely Nvidia’s GTX 960.

Keep in mind that these are just rumors and hypothesis right now. It’s very hard to confirm the validity of the pictures, and it’s harder still to make an accurate guess about its performance.

Source: EXPReview