Press Release

CyberPower Inc., a global manufacturer of custom gaming computers, today announced its Zeus Touch desktop PC series.

The Zeus Touch is an all-in-one desktop PC that combines a minimalist tablet-like design with the latest power-efficient performance processors from Intel users into a powerful space-saving system with full 10-finger capacitive touch support. Every system is pre-loaded with Microsoft’s “touch-friendly” Windows 8 operating system, which allows you to experience a more intuitive and fluid way to accomplish computing tasks.

The CyberPowerPC Zeus Touch is every bit as powerful as its name implies. Unlike similar PCs that have entered the market with few expansion options, the Zeus Touch is fully expandable and will feature the latest 3rd Gen. Intel Core processors with Intel HD 4000 graphics and high density performance memory. The Intel Core processors deliver more than enough horsepower for word processing, watching videos, editing photos, streaming media, playing HD gaming or any other everyday computing task.

The Zeus Touch features a 21.5-inch WLED 1920x1080p Hi-Def display that provides vivid imagery from viewing videos and photos to surfing the web and gaming. A 1.0M (720p) webcam with digital microphone allows for convenient video conferencing and Skype video chatting capabilities.

The Zeus Touch also includes the latest hardware essentials with USB 3.0 connectivity, 802.11n Wi-Fi with Bluetooth support, media card reader for easily transferring digital files from your camera, DVD drive and Blu-Ray support for the ultimate entertainment machine. Standard storage includes 1TB 7200 RPM HDD for the Zeus Touch 1000 while the Zeus Touch 2000 and 3000 includes 2TB HDD. Users can option to include an mSATA SSD for even greater system response and performance.

Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 operating system comes standard with all Zeus Touch models. The 10-finger capacitive touch screen is quick to record all data input. The Zeus Touch series will also come with a wireless keyboard and mouse for those seeking a traditional way to navigate their system.

CyberPowerPC’s Zeus Touch series can be customized and delivered the way you want it. Customers will have the option of more powerful CPUs, greater memory and storage capacities, and optical drives. All CyberPowerPC Zeus Touch systems include its industry-best-3-year limited warranty.

Base price of CyberPowerPC Power Touch system will be $899.

More information about the CyberPowerPC Zeus Touch may be found at the product page here.