So it looks like the guys over at Kotaku got the news that the Razer Blade will be available for pre-order soon.

For those of you who didn’t get the memo on the Razer Blade, it’s Razer’s first ever gaming laptop which they announced in August of this year and is expected to sport some of the latest and greatest laptop technologies such as a 17″ LED Backlit screen, Nvidia GeForce graphics,  and their very unique switchblade UI. For more information, check out the Razer Blade product page.

Pricing is expected to be at around $2799.99 and Razer will be shipping  orders this month.

So when’s this new and improved Razer Blade shipping? It already is, technically. Min-Liang Tan said that select friends and game publishing CEOs have already received their units. As for the rest of us, preorders should be starting up within the next few days at the Razer Zone website, with units expected to ship out before Christmas.

Who’s ready to take a $2,800 gamble?

Source: Kotaku