Nvidia Shows Off 1,700Hz Display Aimed at VR


Nvidia Logo

Think your 120Hz monitor is impressive? Nvidia had just demoed a 1,700Hz monitor at GTC 2016.

The display is still in its prototyping stage. According to Nvidia, this new display technology is the best implementation to eliminating latency when the VR headset moves around.

Nvidia demonstrated the smoothness of its flashy display onstage by rapidly shaking the screen. In the demonstration, the display was able to refresh fast enough to keep the logo centered and maintain a high degree of clarity.

While it’s awesome¬†that this technology is being experimented with, whether or not users will be able to tell the difference between 1,700Hz and 500Hz remains to be seen. There’s also the problem of implementation cost. We’d expect Nvidia to charge a little more to implement them on VR headsets. But then again, VR headsets use smaller screens, so maybe the premium won’t be too significant. The user’s system would also need to powerful enough to achieve a high enough framerate to fully take advantage of its benefits.

Nvidia hasn’t mentioned much about the technologies behind the display nor a release date.


Source: Hexus

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