There’s been plenty of talk on AMD’s newest 28nm graphcs cards while news on the Nvidia chips have been pretty quiet for the most part.

We’ve been hearing Q2 2012 for Nvidia’s Kepler (600 series), but it’s now being reported by FudZilla that several sources have confirmed that Kepler GPUs may actually come in Q1 2012. No official timeframe has been given, but it wouldn’t be a suprise to see Nvidia show off some of their newest products to VIPs at CES this year.

Nvidia and their add in board partners are claiming that Kepler is going to outperform the AMD Radeon HD 7970, but that’s to be expected from product marketing departments. More news is surfacing, but so far it looks like we’ll still be waiting a couple more months until the full launch of Nvidia’s latest and greatest.

Source: FudZilla

Update: I’ve received a couple reports that Nvidia’s Kepler may skip the 600 series naming scheme and jump directly to the 700 series. Of course, this is currently only a rumor at this time. Full details on the naming scheme is currently unknown.

Source: EXPreview