Nvidia GeForce GTX 880 Rumored for July Launch


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With Nvidia’s first Maxwell based GeForce GTX 750 Ti launch out of the way, speculations are now abound regarding Nvidia’s release of next generation Maxwell based mid-high end graphics chips, and today we have the first possible details of what it might look like.

A recent report from Czech based PC hardware site PCtuning.cz has recently published some details on what their “sources” from an unidentified major graphics manufacturer claim to be the the sucessor to the GK104, which they believe will be named GM204. While exact details were not shared, they believe that the GM204 will probably be first introduced in the GeForce GTX 880 sometime in the July timeframe and will be followed by the flagship GM210 sometime later, similar to what Nvidia did with the GK104 and the GK110.


The GM204 is expected to be based on the new 20nm Maxwell architecture yet will hold similar transistor counts to the GK110 allowing it to outperform the GK110 at a significantly lower TDPThey believe that the GTX 880 will only require power from a single external 6-pin connector giving it a similar TDP to the GTX 760 (~170w) yet have the capability to outperform the GTX 780 Ti. Additionally the GM204 may also be the first chip to be equipped with an ARM core while the flagship GM210 is said to be equipped with three, although no details were shared on what the ARM cores will actually do in the graphics cards just yet. 

More info as it becomes available. As usual with rumored info, take it with a grain of salt.


Source: PCTuning.cz


  1. Why do pc gamers care so much about tdp? I dont care if the 880 uses 500watts aslong as it performs well in games, this looks as though they have lowered performance to gain lower tdp, not good

    • High end gamers shouldn’t care. Us mid grade gamers its a very important selling point because higher tdp can mean having to upgrade our power supply at the same time as the gpu. Also a lower power bill is always great. If this has the same tdp as a 760 it could potentially be a buy for me but if it pushes over 200 tdp its a no go for my rig.

      • To be honest I have 2 gtx 780 cards now and see no difference in electric bills. I understand what you are saying but surely upgrading psu isn’t a big deal

    • We don’t, but it’s pretty sweet when you can cram gobs and gobs of performance into an easily transportable mITX gaming rig. If the rumors are true, Nvidia isn’t really lowering performance to keep the card at the lower TDP per say. Instead, they just aren’t (or want) to push the performance envelope as far they can. Gives them a contingency in the event AMD introduces something awesome or gives them the ability to milk their product lines a bit more by slowly introducing the more awesome stuff later on.

      • Isn’t that what they always do?
        Bring out a reference base model and an overclocked version, with a superclocked also available.
        It will be interesting to see what Nvidia can do now that AMD have announced the liquid cooled R295

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