We knew Intel would be releasing its new Ivy Bridge processors in April, but we now have April 8th as the date to watch out for. However, since that falls on a Sunday, April 9th should be the date when we know all the juicy details about the new processors.

Intel is expected to be releasing 25 new processors along with 8 new chipsets which should take the place of current Sandy Bridge processors and chipsets. These new cpus and chipsets are expected to match prices of current Sandy Bridge CPUs and chipsets as well.

According to Digitimes’ Taiwanese sources, the first Ivy Bridge wave will include no less than 25 processors (17 desktop models and 8 notebook/ultrabook chips) and 8 chipsets (Z77, H77, Z75 and B75 for desktops, HM77, UM77, HM76 and HM75 for mobile PCs). More Ivy Bridge products, including the Core i5-3470T CPU and the Q77, Q75, QS77 and QM77 chipsets, are said to become available in May.


Ivy Bridge will be manufactured on a 22nm process and will be compatible with current LGA 1155 6 series motherboards. (Bios updates will probably be required) Check out the link below for more details.

Anybody holding off their new builds for Ivy Bridge? Comment below!

Source: TechPowerUp / DigiTimes