The start-up technology company Skyvine is looking to simplify your life with its Digital 6 Personal Assistant camera and app combo.

Skyvine’s Digital 6 (D6) Personal Assistant aims to integrate the functions of all your daily apps into one solution. To achieve this, the D6 uses a unique camera and app pairing. The button-sized 5.0MP 720p camera analyses the user’s surroundings and relays the information to the Digital 6 app on your phone, the information is then processed and delivered as reminders to the users through voice and/or an alert. Watch the following video to understand a bit more about the device.


The D6 is a very flexible device as well. you can use it to connect to your friends and family, make plans, and get restaurant recommendations. All of which is tailored specifically to the preferences of each user. You can even use it as a security camera by simply attaching it to your wall.


D6 is powered by an advanced on device A.I. algorithm and uses its camera and app technologies to perform its progressive functions. D6 is always learning, and automatically updates with new features that enhances its ability to absorb everything about you and your environment.

Digital 6 aims to release the final product in July, 2017. You can learn more about the product specifications and the company at its Indegogo page.