At a press conference here at CES 2015, Gigabyte announced an update to its BRIX mini PC barebones platform. The refreshed BRIX and BRIX s will now come packed with Intel’s 14nm Broadwell Ultra Low Voltage CPUs and HD 5500 graphics.

Specifically, the refreshed BRIX and BRIX s will be configured with the Intel Core i3-5010U, Core i5-5200U, or Core i7-5500U. Not only do these new 14nm processors offer higher compute and graphics performance, they should be considerably more power efficient compared to their Haswell predecessors.



Aside from the new processor, there aren’t many significant changes to the Brix. The new BRIX will feature a total of 4x USB 3.0 ports, 1x mSATA SSD slot, and a 2.5″ HDD bay. It will include a HDMI port, a mini-display port, and a Gigabit Ethernet port.

Official pricing and availability information is currently unavailable at this time, but Gigabyte reps are hoping to get these units out by 1H2015.