When everybody else has a better unlimited plan than you, you need to figure out why yours sucks and how you can be a bit more competitive. In a recent announcement, AT&T did just that.

AT&T will not have two unlimited plan tiers which will include Unlimited Choice and Unlimited Plus.

Unlimited Choice will be cheap, slow, and all around pretty bad, but it will be unlimited and it will be cheap. Priced at $60/mo for one line, $115/mo for two lines, $155/mo for four lines, etc. the Unlimited Choice plan will include unlimited talk, text, and data, but data will be limited to 3Mbps and streaming video is capped at 480p with a maximum bitrate of 1.5Mbps. The advertised prices will also require AutoPay and paperless billing.

Unlimited Plus is the more “normal” unlimited plan. Priced at $90/mo for one line, $145/mo for two lines, $165 for three lines, $185 for four lines, etc. the Unlimited Plus will offer unlimited talk, text, and data. HD video streaming is included here as is 10GB of Mobile Hotspot. Subscription to this plan will also provide a $25 monthly credit to DirectTV plans so a combination of Unlimited Plus and DirectTV Now will start at just $100/mo, and a combination of Unlimited Plus and DirectTV will start at $115/mo.

Both plans will also include calling and texting to Canada and Mexico as well as texting to over 120 countries. Those who utilize over 22GB of data on both plans will have their data de-prioritized during periods of network congestion.

More information is available at AT&T’s website here.