AMD HD 7970 On Sale Now!


It’s been a long wait, but Newegg officially has the AMD HD 7970 available for sale! These are currently the most powerful single GPU cards on the market, so be sure to reserve your bragging rights now!

They currently have the Sapphire, Powercolor and HIS editions for sale with the XFX, ASUS and Gigabyte editions coming soon. XFX also has their Black Edition board listed; however, it’s not currently available yet. Be sure to drop yourself on the “auto-notify” list if you’re interested. Amazon also currently has the XFX HD 7970 Core Edition available for order; however, their current estimated shipping date is in 1 to 3 weeks.

@ Newegg

Sapphire HD 7970

PowerColor HD 7970

HIS HD 7970

XFX HD 7970 / XFX HD 7970 Black Edition

ASUS HD 7970

Gigabyte HD 7970

@ Amazon

XFX HD 7970 Core Edition

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