Just when you thought the hype over the Bulldozer is over, it’s back.

Think back to November 2011. Remember when we thought the 8.58GHz overclock on the Bulldozer based AMD FX-8150 was impressive? Well, prepare to be impressed once more as the chip has hit yet another huge milestone helping it slowly close in on that 9GHz barrier.

A Taiwanese overclocker by the name of “ksin” recently reached an 8.8 GHz overclock using the ASUS Crosshair V Formula motherboard – identical to what the previous record holder, Andre Young, used. However, by using a lower voltage of 1.86v and a higher base clock of 303.64MHz, ksin was able to achieve a higher clock speed. Unfortunately information on the type of cooling is unknown, but I’d assume LN2 were involved.

Source: Toms Hardware