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November 21, 2013

AIS 2013: Avant Displays SF3700 Powered M.2, HHHL, 5mm SATA SSDs

Avant Technology isn’t a company that most of us hear about, but they are a huge ODM for a number of well known SSD vendors such as Corsair, Mushkin, LSI and more. Avant has an extremely close working relationship with SandForce and has a number of SF3700 powered SSDs on display here at AIS 2013.

As expected, Avant Technology already has the standard reference design SF3700 powered M.2 and HHHL (Half Height, Half Length) boards available on display. Similar designs were shown at the SandForce as well as the ADATA booth.

For users who demand higher performance, Avant Technology has a couple PCIe RAID cards designed to be used with the [...]

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November 21, 2013

AIS 2013: Kingston Displays SF3700 Powered SSD


At LSI’s AIS event, Kingston Technology displayed a number of their latest SSDs along with their upcoming SF3700 powered 2.5″ SATA SSD. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a M.2 version, but a SF2281 powered M.2 SSD was available on display.

The main event of course is the SF3700 client SSD. The unit is powered via a SF373975A controller paired with some of Toshiba’s 19nm MLC NAND. The specific unit seems to also include the anti-power fail technology, which may indicate that this would be a business oriented unit. No word on pricing or availability yet, but the general word around here is 1H2013.

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June 8, 2014

Understanding LSI SandForce SF3700 Series Controller

3rd Generation SandForce, 1st Generation LSI SandForce

When we look at the SSD industry today, there are few companies more well known than LSI SandForce. LSI SandForce drives power over 35% of the SSDs currently sold on the market today so when these guys introduce a new SSD controller more than two years after the introduction of their last generation product, it’s definitely time to take notice.

Ever since January of this year at CES, we’ve been hearing rumors of the mythical new LSI SandForce SSD controller (aka “Project Griffin”), but it wasn’t until June at Computex when we first confirmed of its existence via one of LSI [...]

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November 21, 2013

AIS 2013: ADATA Shows Off SF3700 Based SATA, M.2 SSDs

As a gold sponsor of LSI’s AIS 2013 conference, ADATA demoed a couple of their yet-to-be-released SandForce SF3700 based products.

The first is a still unnamed SATA based SSD utilizing the SandForce SF373975A controller paired with some unbranded flash memory (most likely 19nm Toshiba MLC or 20nm Micron MLC). The sample demo’ed is a working sample although we weren’t allowed to run any performance benchmarks on the demo system.

Along with the SATA based variation, ADATA also showed off a M.2 SSD based off the SF373975A controller with some unbranded flash memory as well. No details were given on this unit, but it appears to [...]

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November 21, 2013

AIS 2013: SandForce Shows Off SF3700 Based SATA, M.2, NGFF SSDs

Along with SandForce’s launch of the SF3700 series controllers earlier this week, SandForce had a number of working reference SSDs to display on the AIS 2013 showfloor.

The new SF3700 series controllers have the capability to work in both PCIe and SATA configurations, so first we have your typical 2.5″ formfactor SSD. The unit on display is using Toshiba 19nm MLC flash bundled with the SandForce SF373975A controller.

Following the SATA based SSD, we also get the M.2 (NGFF) formfactor SSDs as well. This specific model is a PCIe Gen 2 x2 SSD although PCIe x4 should be available down the line as well. Again, we get the SF373975A [...]

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November 18, 2012

PNY @ LSI AIS 2012

Over the past few days at LSI’s AIS 2012, a number of LSI partners had a chance to show off their newest lineup of products and among the more consumer / enthusiast oriented companies is PNY.

For the few who are unfamiliar with PNY, they are a USA based company who produces a wide variety of products ranging from stuff like SD cards and headphones to SSDs and graphics cards. During their showcase at LSI’s AIS, we had a chance to look at their entire line up of SSDs including their XLR8 and Prevail series products as well as a first look at their recently announced HP branded SSDs.

For those of you unfamiliar with the PNY SSDs here is a quick rundown of [...]

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November 17, 2012

LSI Syncro Architecture @ LSI AIS 2012

Among other products from a multitude of vendors, one of the major highlights at LSI’s AIS 2012 conference is the introduction of the LSI’s own Syncro architecture, which alongside LSI’s Nytro and MegaRAID products will make up LSI’s three major storage brands. Whereas products from the Nytro line focused on performance, Syncro’s main concern is to lower the cost of high availability. As such, the Syncro architecture is targeted at the entire range between the large datacenter market as well as the small business.

In order to achieve this goal, LSI is introducing two new products – Syncro CS and Syncro MX. While both serve [...]

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November 20, 2012

Keynote @ LSI AIS 2012

Yesterday, the LSI Accelerating Innovation Summit  (AIS) was officially kicked off by a keynote offered by President and CEO Abhi Talwalkar. The theme? “Data Deluge”. “Data Deluge” is a term used to refer to the deluge of new data being created at an exponential rate and how companies/institutions are beginning to experience some of the issues of managing this tremendous growth in data. In order to demonstrate this deluge of data, Talwalkar paused after the first three minutes of his presentation and pointed to a small display that had been counting the data transferred and stored around the world. To my amazement, a total of 1,919,000GB of data had [...]

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