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Desktop Graphics Card Comparison Hierarchy

Desktop Graphics Card Comparison Hierarchy

Sam ChenJuly 27, 2017

If you’re just starting your research on a new graphics card, you probably have no idea where to start. This is why we’ve decided to put together a graphics card comparison chart ranking each of the latest graphics cards based on its performance capabilities.

The comparison chart below is based on research from multiple review sites as well as performance numbers gathered from own reviews and testing. Keep in mind that each of the graphics card vendors have their own preferred game development partners, so in some rare instances in specific games, a graphics card from one vendor may outperform a higher ranked graphics cards from another vendor.

We plan to keep this GPU hierarchy regularly maintained, so please let us know what you’d like to see included. If there are any errors on this chart, please let us know so we can correct it. Currently we have all the latest graphics card that were released by the major vendors and we plan to include any upcoming graphics cards as well. These will be labeled “rumored” until reviews from reputable sites and/or our own internal testing is conducted.


Desktop Gaming Graphics Card Hierarchy

AMD Radeon NVIDIA GeForce Recommendations
Titan Xp
Titan X (Pascal)
GTX 1080 Ti
Titan X Pascal and GTX 1080 Ti are roughly equivalent
 RX Vega (Rumored) GTX 1080
GTX 1070 Minimum for optimal 4K
RX 580 GTX 1060 6GB Minimum for optimal VR
GTX 1060 3GB
RX 570 Minimum for optimal 1440p, 1600p
GTX 1050 Ti
GTX 1050
RX 560  Minimum for optimal 1080p
RX 550 GT 1030
GT 730
GT 710


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