How to Download Facebook Videos on PC, Mac, Android, iOS Free



It’s been a decade since Facebook launched their videos feature and while it’s still not quite as popular as YouTube, Facebook video is still one of the most popular video platforms out there.

However, just like YouTube, watching videos on Facebook requires an internet connection, so if you know you’ll be away from an internet connection for a while, or you know your data plan simply isn’t up to snuff, you may want to just download the video to your computer or smartphone to watch offline.

As such, today we’ll show you how to download and save Facebook videos to watch offline on your PC, Mac, Android, or iOS devices.


Mobile Site

While Facebook doesn’t allow downloading videos through its normal website, you can download videos through its mobile website that can be accessed via a simple URL modification. Here’s how.

Step 1

Find the URL of the video you’re trying to download.

For our example, we’ll download some funny cat videos located at the Facebook URL here:

save download facebook videos computer 05

Step 2

In the address bar, modify the URL by removing the www in the beginning of the URL and replacing it with a m. Hit enter to access the modified URL.

save download facebook videos computer 00

Step 3

Simply scroll down until you see the download button located at the bottom right of the video. Press the button. The button should look something like an arrow pointing downward onto a flat horizontal line.

Once you press the download button, it should prompt you for a location to save the video. That’s it! Enjoy!

save download facebook videos computer 04



If that doesn’t work, another easy method to download Facebook videos is by using Keepvid. Keepvid is a video downloader service that can not only download Facebook videos, but also YouTube videos and other online videos as well. For those who want to download Facebook videos, Keepvid will allow downloading Facebook videos in the MP4 format. Here’s how to use it.

Step 1

Go to Keepvid’s website.┬áBe aware you DO NOT need to download any applications or pay to use this service however, Keepvid does offer desktop and mobile applications if you’d like to use them.

Our instructions for Keepvid will be for downloading Facebook videos directly through the browser. The browser method is the easiest as it works on every platform whether you’re using PC, Mac, Android or iOS.

keepvid save download facebook videos computer 00

Step 2

Simply find the URL of the Facebook video you’re trying to download and input it into the big dialog box on Keepvid’s website. Then simply click the big blue Download button at the right.

For our example, we’ll download some funny cat videos located at the Facebook URL here:


keepvid save download facebook videos computer 01

Step 3

From here, Keepvid will provide a few options for downloading the video. Videos are only available in MP4 format for Facebook video. Simply choose the quality setting and click on the Download button on the right to start the download.

keepvid save download facebook videos computer 02

The maximum quality Keepvid allows you to download for free is 720p, which is decent quality for most mobile devices. However, those who want to download the full 1080p or 4K versions of the video can use Keepvid’s Pro application. Keepvid does however, charge $19.95 for a 1 year license or $29.95 for a lifetime license.

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